Pitch upgrade work

The verti-draining and sanding of the pitch will finally go ahead tomorrow. The sand has been quality tested and passed ok.
The pitch will therefore be closed from Tuesday 30th of April until further notice 
(should be available Thursday evening – we will confirm).

The Club would like to thank Management, Players, Parents and all affected by the pitch closure  for your continued patience and support. The pitch was in poor condition before this bad weather and a team was put in place in order to restore it, the weather conditions have not helped the situation so the pitch has had to be closed.  This team are working with professionals and this is the plan to restore the pitch.
To use pitch please contact club secretary 086-0379178 email secretary.killimordaly.galway@gaa.ie 
  1. First job is to verti-drain or spike both pitches. This is completed by a machine powered by the tractor. This is an image to explain what it does.

Verti draining helps to aerate the soil and to relieve it of any compaction and a number of the benefits from the process include the following:
• Improves and helps maintain a better playing surface
• Improves and helps promote good soil structure
• Promotes quicker drying of turf
• Better absorption of water from the surface to the drainage system helping prevent surface water problems.
  1. Once this is completed special sand (similar to that on the RHS as you enter the main gate of the pitch) will be spread on both pitches and brushed in. This will fill into the holes created during the spiking process and will also build up a layer of sand on the top of the ground. This will also help to improve the ability of the ground to handle rain and hopefully remove flooding.
  2. The next step is to spread a controlled release fertiliser. This is specifically designed for pitches and will work over a six month period (the full growing season). With increased traffic, improved drainage, year round play and a changing climate, the demands of our pitches have changed considerably. Controlled release fertilisers have been developed to produce stronger, more consistent growth over much longer periods, reducing cutting and thickening the sward.
  3. The next item in the pitch renovation is to sow new grass seed that is specifically designed for pitch use. This will be stitched in using a special machine and will help to improve the grass cover and replace the patches of grass that have been damaged over years of use.

  1. The final item is the repair to the goalmouths. This will involve upgrading the drainage in these areas with new shores feeding into the existing main shore system. Once this is complete the area will be filled in with a mixture of soil and sand to raise the level of the ground. A new sod will be laid from either existing sod at back of pitch or by using artificial surface.
Items 1 to 3 will be completed once the pitches dry out and there is no idle period required after the work is completed. Pitches can be used once work is complete. This work will need to be completed for a minimum of five years in order to get the most out of this investment and to get the pitches back to a good condition.
The two remaining items can be completed at any stage but will be required to be idle for approx two weeks to allow the new grass to start growing. This work will most likely be completed in the harvest when the pitches may not be as busy. These two items should be once off provided care is taken of the pitches .

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