Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation and Massage

Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation and Massage

By Johanna Burke, ATRC
ARTC’s treat physical problems caused by illness, disease, sport and work related injury, aging, and long periods of inactivity.Sports Rehabilitator is a health care profession which assists people to restore, maintain and maximize their strength, function, movement, and overall well-being.
At Burke Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic we have in-depth knowledge of how the body works and specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability, we also work with teams to help meet the individual player and clubs health care needs. 
The top benefits of Sports Rehabilitation are;
1.) Eliminated or minimise your pain
- No more time wasted worrying about that nagging pain. Our goal is to get you free of pain and feeling healthy again.
2.) Muscle flexibility restored
- So you can feel more flexible and have greater ease of movement throughout your daily activities. Why? In your daily activities you will need full range of motion for your function; therefore you need full flexibility of the muscles. (e.g. shoulder check when driving.)
3.) Muscle strength restored
- So you can take on all your activities on the weekend and not feel like you cannot do them or are at risk of injury. ( i.e. playing freely with your kids and keeping up to them.)
4.) Joint range of motion restored
- this is important because if you have a
a. Neck injury – when driving you will need to do a shoulder check to check your blind spot to avoid a vehicle collision.
b. Lower back injury – being able to move to bend over and twist to do your daily activities and sports.
c. Shoulder injury – being able to reach to grab objects above your head and behind you.
5.) Increased function at work and play
- You will need to use your body to do everyday activities at home and at work. For example lifting your little children into the car seat, gardening, painting, raking the lawn in the summer.
6.) Increased endurance at work and play
- More ENERGY for longer more productive days!
7.) Peace of mind
- Not having to worry about that nagging pain that was limiting your function.
8.) Being able to sleep uninterrupted and free of pain at night
- Awaking feeling recharged and ready to take on the challenges ahead for that day. Without worrying do you roll onto that sore shoulder.
9.) Discontinue or reduce your medication consumption
 Decreases the risk and potential side effects associated with prolonged use of medication.
10.) Return to playing your favourite sport or activity
Return to those hobbies that you have enjoyed that provides you with a higher quality of life, also stress reducing. 
It's not about whether you feel that you've learnt it' or even because you feel you deserve it.
It's really about keeping what you've got working, and working well, as long as you can and as well as you can.
At Burke Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic we provide professional treatments and massage pure and simple. Each session is different and tailored to suit the individual’s specific needs.

So, why not make an appointment today with Johanna on 086 8365687

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