U16 All Ireland Brian, David and Dean represent Club.

The Tipperary Supporters Club sponsored All Ireland under 16 A and B tournaments will take place on August 31. The group games and finals will be played in the South Division this year, under a new directive, they must be played in one day.
The hurling Club is well  represented by Dean Earls, David Earls and Brian Concannon, we asked them to share their thoughts

David Earls;
Hurling, 3 school hurling medals, U10 east Galway A medal, U14 B championship medal , Junior schools Connaught medal
Football 2 football U14 league medals, Football u14 championship medal
Brian Concannon; 
Hurling; U 14 county medal, Junior Connacht colleges medal,
Football U14 Feile football medal, U16 football league medal 
Any other hobbies interests? 
David Earls; Golf ,football and soccer
Brian Concannon;  other hobbies include soccer and football
Favourite position?
David Earls; Wing Back
Brian Concannon;  My favourite position is corner forward
What hurler inspires you and why?
David Earls; JJ Delaney because he is one of the most determined and honest hurlers in the country and always plays with composure no matter how heated the game gets.
Brian Concannon; The hurler that inspires me is Tony Kelly because he is always good for a few scores and gives it his all.
What other sportsperson/person inspires you, why?
David Earls; Connaught rugby player Gavin Duffy . I did work experience with the Connaught rugby team and he stood out the most because he trains so hard , he's extremely down to earth and I got to witness first hand how talented he is.
Brian Concannon;  Brian o Driscoll because he is such a leader when he is playing.
What club hurlers impressed you this year?
David Earls; Keith Kennedy has worked very hard and stood out in all of our games, as a result he got the chance to put on a Galway jersey last weekend which was no surprise. Also Brian Burke who has made the county minor team with another year left. He also features in the club senior team which are two huge feats achieved at such a young age.
Brian Concannon;  The club hurlers that impressed me were Brian Burke with the minors and Jason Greaney with the under 14s and 16s
Thoughts on county U16 team and the competition ye are playing in?
David Earls; It's great to have the opportunity to play with the best of my age group in the county and to have three from the club is a great achievement. The training is excellent and we are treated very well .It is a great honour representing the club at county level and I think it will be a great benefit to us in the future .The competition in Tipperary is a great opportunity for Brian ,Dean ,myself and the rest of the team to present what Galway are capable of and what the county hurling team will be like in the near future.
Brian Concannon; We have trained hard for the competition and hopefully we will play well down in Tipperary.
Thoughts on how the other one is playing this year? 
David Earls; Brian and dean have hurled excellent all year and deserve to be at the stage they are. I won't be surprised if they are both started in Tipperary
Brian Concannon;  Dean and David are playing very well this year for the club and with the county


The A group games will be hosted by Cahir, Moyle Rovers and Clonmel Og with St. Mary’s hosting the finals. The B group games will be hosted by Fr. Sheehy’s and Ballylooby with the final in Ballylooby. The A groups are as follows: 1) Cork, Dublin, Clare and Waterford; 2) Offaly, Wexford, Limerick, Kilkenny; 3) Galway, Tipperary, Antrim and Laois. The B groups are as follows: 1) Clare, Tipperary, Kilkenny and Kerry; 2) Galway, Cork, Wexford and Waterford.

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