Great week for Galway and Killimordaly

Such a fantastic week it has been for the people of Galway, I know it is definitely the Camogie Girls week, but by the manner that they have won both cups and the way they have conducted themselves this past week has been an inspiration to all of us. Their selflessness and eagerness to share this moment with all the small clubs that have supported them up and down the county has been truly remarkable and they have done it all with grace and patience.  What makes it even more special for us in this little parish is that it is Lorraine who has led the charge, she led the team in the field of play, she talked with such passion of the game she loves and left none of that passion after her in the dressing room, she has not forgotten any of those that helped them along the way, she has done it all with such eloquence and always with a great big smile on her face, a remarkable captain.

The sentiments that finished Lorraines speech last Sunday "I want to leave my final words with my friends here... we trained as friends, we travelled as friends, we hurled out there as friends and we are going to bring the O' Duffy across the Shannon as Friends" sums up what GAA is all about (Click here for Speech).  Its not just about winning, its not just about a great players, its about a great team, a team of friends, friends that train together, laugh together, cry together and friends that will die for each other on the field of play. One of the Kilkenny Girls was quoted saying before the game that she would 'kill for an All Ireland', while in the other camp one of the Galway girls had said that they would die for an All Ireland, that was the difference, the Galway Girls who had experienced  hurt and pain and knew that the what they had to sacrifice in order to win.  No matter what level you are at whether its U8's or Senior in an All Ireland, that feeling and special bond between you and your friends is something that you take through life and can never be taken away from you.
We have not forgotton Laura, we know that she will be back to her devastational self and its God help whatever opposition meets her when she gets back to full speed
Great interview here with Lorraine and Frank

The Galway Girls sign along in the Earl Inn 

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