WaybackWhensday Dear JBD

Back in the day when the only naughty thing you could find online, was on a washing line,  people had fewer avenues to express themselves or vent their frustrations. Twitter and facebook were the local pub or shop (which in the country is often the same building) , it was there you 'checked in' to find out what was going on, what everyone was up to, where they were up to it and who they were up to it with, it was also you got all the sports news and gossip.

If your frustration was such, that you felt you needed a wider audience to voice your sporting grievance than the local pub, then JBD was your only man. Week in, week out JBD's mailbox was the outlet for many a disgruntled sports fan letters (email not having been invented in Ireland just yet), the gruntled seldom needing an outlet to share their opinions.John Bertie Donoghue better known as JBD was a legendary sports writer with the Connacht Tribune, he did not pull any punches, nor shy away from an argument or suffer fools gladly, his column was always fairly on the money and his replies to letters made him a must read every Thursday.
The attached was from the Connacht Tribune from the week after Killimordaly beat Turloughmore in '86 Final, we wont go into details of the 'space invader' but he was a 'Hardy' lad ;-). 

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