GAA press release SHC & MHC Finals,

Galway SHC & MHC Finals, Pearse Stadium, Sunday 27th October 2013
A Chairde,
We request that all GAA Patrons attending the Hurling Finals in Pearse Stadium on Sunday next, 27th October 2013 to arrive early and to park responsibly!
Parking in the vicinity of the Stadium will be restricted and Traffic Marshalls will be on duty to direct patrons to the allocated Car Parks.
In addition to the public car parking areas in Salthill, there will be allocated Car Parks, for patrons attending the games, in the following venues:
The Prairie, Rockbarton Court (adjecent to the back of the Pearse Stadium Stand)
Colaise Éinde, Threadneedle Road
Galway Lawn Tennis Club, Threadneedle Road
Salerno School, Threadneedle Road
Scoil Róis, Rosary Lane (off Taylor's Hill)
All patrons are requested to obey the directions of the Marshalls, to park responsibly and to respect the local amenities and residents!
Please communicate this important message to your members and supporters.

Thank You,
John Hynes

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