Club EGM changes to Championship

EGM Monday evening Clubhouse 8pm
The Club executive feel that changing of the Senior Championship is such an important issue and needs to be brought before all club members  and not just executive as it will have a serious impact on the club. We would like all club members to come to the clubhouse and discuss the proposals and see if any there are alternate suggestions.

From Padraigs report

At County board hurling meeting this week  there was a discussion on the structure of next year’s Senior and Intermediate championships
There are a number of views:
1)     Do we leave it as is?
2)      Re- org in some fashion?
3)      Develop a senior A and B comprising of potentially 24 teams in total?
4)      Reduce senior to 16 teams?
 The next meeting to discuss this is Tuesday next where the views of any club that comes up with a proposal will be discussed. 2 or possibly 3 formal proposals will then be taken to AGM and voted on in December.

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