Press Release Galway Kilkenny replay

Dear Secretary/PRO
The attached traffic management plan has been issued by the Gardai in Tullamore for Saturdays evening replay between Galway and Kilkenny. I would appreciate if you would publish it on your social media sites.
Eamonn Cusack
Offaly County Board

Galway V Kilkenny Replay

A crowd of approximately 13000 to 15,000 is expected to attend these fixtures. A Traffic management plan is necessary to deal with the influx of extra vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the day.

A Traffic Management Plan will be activated to monitor, control and regulate the movement and parking of vehicular traffic attending the event, preventing obstructions and promoting the easy access of traffic and pedestrians through the town and the event site.

The majority of traffic will converge on Tullamore via the Kilbeggan Road (Galway Traffic) and the Portlaoise Road (Kilkenny Traffic).

No Through Traffic will be allowed between Kilbeggan Bridge and the Entrance to Arden View from 4pm to 715pm and 8pm to 930pm, on the day of the event, save for local residents.
1. Traffic approaching from North, East or South direction can utilise the Tullamore Bypass to avoid travelling through the centre of town. Parking will be available along these routes and sign posting will be available.
2. Patrons traveling from a Westerly direction can use Collins Lane as their access route. Parking and signage will be available.

Rail and Public Transport
Tullamore Train and Bus Depot are located at Kilcruttin Tullamore. This is approx 1 1/2 km from O’Connor Park. There is no shuttle bus service provided and patrons will travel to the event by foot.
Parking is provided to cater for patrons travelling to events. The provision of parking is dependant on the category of event being staged. Parking facilities are available at:

Sacred Heart School
Tullamore College
Ball Alley Car Park
Market Square
Kilbride Plaza
Texas Car Park
Tullamore Town Centre
Disabled parking is available at O'Brien Park.

Vehicular Access

Galway/Westmeath Traffic

The main volume of Galway Traffic will approach via Kilbeggan. Parking can be availed of at car parks on the Arden Road.

Kilkenny/Wexford Traffic

This traffic will approach via Portlaoise. Parking for this traffic will be available throughout the town

Parking Restrictions

Parking within the immediate area of O’Connor Park is limited in public areas.

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