Paul Creaven Co. U14 Player Profile

Galway U14s are playing in the Tony Forristal this weekend and we are abley represented this year by U14 Captain Paul Creaven. We wish him and Galway u14's all the best in the tournament. 

Medals/Achievements : Brackloon N.S. 4,, U14 2012 /2014, Justin Cheever 2014 1 football medal for New inn vocational school Hurler that inspires you most, The hurler that inspires me most is Keith Kennedy he always work hard in training and in matchs to provide the team with a win. Ye had a great year this year at U14. We had a great year U14 this year, leading the lads to the county final was a great honour and I hope we go on and do the same next year ! Theres a lot of great hurlers coming through, who should we watch for
We have alot of talented young players coming up at underage and I think that we should look out for everyone of them!
Whats the County Squad like this year The county squad is brilliant we have unbelievable talent in the academy and I hope we go on and win this weekend ! Any other sports and hobbies?Hurling is my main sport I play soccer from time to time but I will always concentrate on hurling !!

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