ESB Press Release,Bunting and Flags on ESB Poles

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Bunting and Flags on ESB Poles - A serious safety issue

Press Release issued 15th September 2014
ESB Networks warns against using electricity poles for erecting flags and bunting. 
Don’t take unnecessary risks with electricity for the sake of that piece of bunting and colour
At this stage of the sporting year, excitement is at fever pitch especially in counties competing for the ultimate prize. Every county wants to display their colours but it must not  lead to some tragic event.
ESB Networks would like to remind people not to use electricity poles for erecting bunting, flags or any other items because it  puts lives at risk of serious injury or death from electrocution.
Electricity poles and pylons carry live conductors. Remember it’s not necessary to make  contact with the electricity wires for accidents to happen; a small current can give you an electric shock.
Do not attach flags or bunting to ESB poles. It puts lives at risk.
Call the ESB Networks emergency number 1850 372 999 and we will remove the bunting and flags.

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