Pitch Development update

Some Great work has been done with the New Training Pitch in the past few months sice our last update, a lot of credit due to the pitch committee for all their hard work and to all the other club members who are helping out.
Special thanks to Michael Noone and Joe Warde for their updates and photos.
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New training area

Since our last update we have made a lot of progress on the new training area.
• The cultivation of the topsoil and installation of the slit drains at 1.2mtr intervals which were filled with pea gravel was completed in the middle of June. 
• This was closely followed by the laying of the 50mm sand carpet. This involved spreading the fine sand in layers until the required depth of sand was achieved. People began to wonder was it a large scale sand box or a training area we were constructing.
• Progress was then impacted by above all things, a lack of rain. Its not too often you hear that in the west of Ireland. In order to get the seed to grow then a certain level of moisture is required in sand base. 
• At the end of June on a lovely fine Saturday following a few days of rain, the seed was sown and the required fertiliser and lime was spread on the sand. The seed sown was a special mixture which was suitable for this particular sand surface. It is designed that the roots will grow down to the clay from where it will receive its nutrients to help it grow.
• Following the sowing of the seed it was important that we received regular rainfall (we didn’t want to say that too loud in case we came into conflict with local farmers and turf owners. We luckily received the required regular supply of rainfall which provided the seed with the moisture to help them germinate. The seed started to appear after around 10 days.
• We started to cut the grass on the pitch approx 7 weeks later and have been cutting regularly since. We would like to thank Iggy Daly very much for cutting the grass for us for the last number of weeks.
• Completion of road down to new training area.
• A round of slow release fertiliser was spread on the area to help the grass growth towards the end of August. This has brought new life to the surface again.
• In order to help protect the grass growth in the area we have installed some temporary fencing which will be in place until a permanent fence is put in place next year.

Looking ahead
• We will need to continue to cut this pitch over the winter months to make sure that the grass is kept fairly short and this will help it to develop even more
• We will need to apply more manure in November timeframe to help support the grass over the winter months
• For next year we have started the process of looking at our lighting options, netting possibilities and also what permanent boundary fencing we will install.

Existing Pitches
Before the contractor left he also completed a number of jobs for us.
• These included the cultivation and reseeding of the area outside our main pitch so that it can be used for walking or running. 
• Installing slits and filling these with pea gravel on the grass area at the back of the ball wall to facilitate its use during wet weather.
• Sand was spread on this area which will also aid the soakage.

Photos since last update
Cultivating the soil
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Slitting the pitch
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Spreading the sand
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Sowing the seed
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As it grows
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Cutting the pitch
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