Last Man Standing

Now Closed

Rules, Terms and Conditions
1) Pick one team per week (Sat - Mon) and must be sent via text before 3pm every Friday. Strictly no later.
2) Your choice must win, other wise you are out of the competition.
3 )If your team wins, you will receive a text with the following weeks fixtures.
4) You can only pick a team ONCE.
5) The winner is the person(s) who lasts longest.
6) Entry fee of €10 must be paid before the competition commences.
7) Overall winner(s) take / share the total prize fund.
8) If the league season ends before a winner is declared, the proze fund wil be shared among the remaining peope.
9) Its your responsibility to ensure you have your weekly entry made before the Friday 3pm deadline.
10) Committee decisions are final.
Play on line here
(if you would like to play but not pay online then email and we will sort you out)

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