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Age Grades
To be eligible for the grades listed hereunder, a player shall meet the respective age criteria:
  • Under 16: Be under 16 years and over 12 years.
  • Under 15: Be under 15 years and over 11 years.
  • Under 14: Be under 14 years and over 10 years.
  • Under 13: Be under 13 years and over 9 years.
To be "Under" an age shall mean that the player shall celebrate the Upper Birthday (e.g. 16 for 16 grade) on the 1st. January of the Championship year or on a later date.
To be "Over" an age shall mean that the player shall have celebrated the lower limit birthday (e.g. 12th to participate in the Under 16 Grade) prior to the !st January of the Championship year.

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